Jefferson City's iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone, Tablet repair station

    If you need service or repair on your iPad 1 then this is the page for you.  We are a professional repair service for any iDevice your having issues with rather it be a cracked screen, broken LCD, home button not responding, power button, volume button, maybe the battery is not lasting long.  We have the highest customer satisfaction in the Jefferson City area and the quickest turnaround time and the friendliest service in the area.

    We are also Mobile so if you work in the Jefferson City area we will swing by your work, pick up your iPad and can usually have it back to you in less than 2 hours.

    If you like us on Facebook you will even find more deals, not only are we the lowest priced in the area but we even have special deals.

This will replace your front glass on your iPad.  If you have dropped and cracked or it is unresponsive then this is the repair you need.  No more worrying about cutting your finger on glass….

If you know the screen is on but you can’t see anything or if you dropped it and there are lines or black images on your screen then you need this repair…….

Battery seem like it don’t hold a charge for very long?  We will put in a brand new battery so you can make it through the whole trip without a recharge.

Is your home button not responding anymore?  Let’s get away from having to shut down your iPad everytime just to get back to the home screen.

Does your power button not respond anymore?  We will replace it and get it back to new again.  No more having the little white button on your screen.

Does your headphone jack not work anymore?  Maybe it shows you have headphones plugged in and you don’t.  This will fix both of those issues.

Volume button not working like it should?  This repair will make it work the way it should.  A brand new one will be installed in your iPad.

If your iPad is not charging then the pins on the connector could be bent, or maybe they got wet.  Let us help you get your iPad back up and running.

No sound coming out of your speaker?  Or maybe it just sounds distorted.  Let’s put in a brand new speaker for you.